Preparing for the Exam-Exam Format & Specifications
21 Aug 2015

Examination Format

The Certified Paralegal examination will consist of two required sections taken in the following order:

Knowledge Exam

  • The Knowledge Exam will consist of multiple choice questions covering the topic areas listed in Appendix A.
  • The Knowledge Exam will be administered on-demand, year-round at testing centers with preliminary result reporting upon completion.
  • Candidates must successfully complete the Knowledge Exam in order to be eligible to take the Skills Exam.
  • Three (3) hours testing time.

Skills Exam

  • The Skills Exam will consist of a written assignment; specifications are set forth in Appendix A.
  • The Skills Exam will be administered during four testing windows each year:  February, April, July, and October.
  • Two (2) hours testing time.

Successful completion of both the Knowledge and Skills Exams is required to obtain the Certified Paralegal credential.

Appendix A
Knowledge Exam 100 points
1 United States Legal System 15
1.A      Sources of Law
1.B      Judicial System
1.C      Remedies
1.D      Administrative Law
2 Civil Litigation 15
2.A      Jurisdiction
2.B      Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
3 Contracts 15
3.A      Formation, Rights, and Duties
3.B      Enforcement and Defenses
4 Corporate/Commercial Law 10
4.A      Business Organizations
4.B      Rights and Responsibilities
4.C      Transactions
5 Criminal Law and Procedure 5
5.A      Criminal Law
5.B      Criminal Procedure
6 Estate Planning and Probate 5
6.A      Estates and Trusts
6.B      Wills
7 Real Estate and Property 10
7.A      Property Rights and Ownership
7.B      Transactions
8 Torts 10
8.A      Intentional Torts
8.B      Negligence
8.C      Strict Liability
9 Professional and Ethical Responsibility 15
9.A      American Bar Association (ABA) Model Rules of Prof. Conduct
9.B      Unauthorized Practice of Law
Skills Exam 30 points
1 Writing 12
1.A      Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation 6
1.B      Clarity of Expression 6
2 Critical Thinking 18
2.A      Reading and Comprehension 6
2.B      Analysis of Information 6
2.C      Decision Making 6